Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Elav - Unto Him!

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything to this blog, and I feel bad about it. I really do. I like to write, but it's hard when you have other things vying for your time. When I'm stressed on the inside, I don't write as much. I've really sensed an increased warfare here in Jerusalem since Ramadan started last Friday. Ramadan is the first month of the Islamic calendar, and Muslims fast all month long from sunrise till sunset. Then they party and feast (among other things) all evening. When I look out our windows at night it reminds me of Christmas in the States. Red and green blinking lights adorn most of the houses in the Arab village to the east of us. All I can see is Ramadan lights blinking everywhere. Our community has determined that we will not be on the defensive during this season. We are on the offensive. It's not something to just endure until the end of the month. We are to take ground, stand, and not back down from intercession. Islam says God has no son. We say, "God has a Son, and His name is Yeshua, the Light of the world!"

Today our youth/young adult conference begins, and we are so excited! It is called "Elav" which means "unto Him" in Hebrew. Elav Conference or Kennes Elav in Hebrew. Around 700 people are registered! It's mainly youth and young adults, but everyone is invited. We have at least 100 Arab youth coming! The worship will be in Hebrew, Arabic and English. (Preston is on several of the teams!) Speakers include Heidi Baker, Asher Intrater, Joaquin Evans, Stuart Greaves and Rick Ridings. It's an outside venue, so pray for cooler weather! God's heart is for the youth of this nation. He is looking for Elijahs and John the Baptists to stand up and say, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord!" He is wanting a company of forerunners to love Him voluntarily and not be satisfied until His people say, "Baruch haba BaShem Adonai", "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!" (Luke 13:34-35)

I told Hannah Briscoe I might steal a phrase in her latest blog, so here goes: "He is stirring us to live a life of faith—to go from glory to glory—to believe God for more and more until our lives are spent in obedience, until the world-wide revival has been released, and until Yeshua is returning to claim His Bride." And there WILL BE a world-wide revival. You can count on it. It's written in the Book!

After the conference I will post pics and tell all that God did!


  1. Wish I was there with you guys during this time.
    You're loved and missed!

  2. Praying for you guys as you are at the conference. I love you so much! What a priviledge to be living in this day and time....You guys are doing the stuff others only dream of.